The Longest Light of the Year

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Oroville Reservoir,    4x5 photographs

Oroville Reservoir, 4x5 photographs

As summer solstice brings us the longest day of the year, I reflect back upon the past six months spent in a contemplative residency in Northern California. This time has been rich in experimentation, creation, and a healthy dose of daily writing. For having such moments of quietude, I somehow wound my way into several collaborations! For more frequent news, follow here.

Upcoming Residency
In July and August, I'll head to the Center for Photography at Woodstock for the Artist-in-Residence Program. I'm excited for a month of focused making and meeting other artists, supported by this amazing organization. I'll be coming through NYC and would love to see you, send me a message!

The stormy winter brought an incredible amount of rain and snowfall to the region, bringing significance, in the age of climate change, to a phrase I've been particularly fond of this past year or so, "too little, too much".

The image above, Oroville Reservoir, was made after excessive water was released due to the structural instability of the dam and cracked spillway that threatened to burst and flood those living downstream. The image below, Moon Dunes, Winter was made on the full moon at seasonal ponds after heavy rains in the coastal sand dunes.

Moon Dunes, Winter,    4x5 photograph

Moon Dunes, Winter, 4x5 photograph

Artist Collaboration
Following the thread of "too much, too little", intersecting and entangled lines, and the distance of blue, I created new work with artist Jonathan Marquis on-site in an intensive two-week collaboration based in California. A selection of our cyanotypes will be exhibited in Denver.

Water Line: A Creative Exchange
August 4 - October 21, 2017

Opening Reception: First Friday, August 4, 6-8pm
Center for Visual Art
965 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, Colorado 80204

Too Little, Too Much , Marquis Jones (with  Jonathan Marquis ), cyanotype

Too Little, Too Much, Marquis Jones (with Jonathan Marquis), cyanotype

Art and Science Collaboration
Natural Disasters and Climate Change in the Bay Area, a weekend intensive workshop, was developed by the Stanford Urban Resilience Initiative and Co-Risk Labs. A thoughtful collaboration with Johanna Hoffman (landscape architect, coastal adaptation strategist) and  Gitanjali Bhattacharjee (civil engineering PhD candidate, Stanford University) resulted in our prototype, Invisible Dialogues, an interactive sculptural installation investigating tools to help us measure and understand ideas about climate change that touch us on a daily basis. Proposals were exhibited at ELL San Francisco in May, and will be developed for exhibition on the Stanford Campus.

Stay in touch
In other news, this year I joined the SPE National Board (Society for Photographic Education). I'll be at Lake Tahoe for our fall event, all are welcome!

As always, I'm open to opportunities for exhibition, commission, and collaboration. Feel free to contact me and hope to see you in the near future!

The days grow longer and the fruits ripen...wishing you a lovely summer,