Westward | 2018
 Westward, curated by Ann Jastrab, is a yearlong exhibition of work from ten women photographers documenting and depicting the West. She selected three platinotypes from Rattlesnake Lake, an image each from Hatsubon and The Gretel Project and four new landscapes..  Westward features a diverse, multigenerational group of photographers, including: Christa Blackwood, Mercedes Dorame, Ingeborg Gerdes, Tomiko Jones, Kathya Maria Landeros, Jennifer Little, Kari Orvik, Mimi Plumb, Greta Pratt, and Donna J. Wan.

Hatsubon | 2016
Hatsubon is a memorial exhibition exploring the dynamic tension between tradition and performance through photographs and video, and include portraits of my father in the diaphanous space between life and death. The materiality of the exhibition suggests repeating dualities from the fleeting and the lasting– with floating silk landscapes and solid walnut framed images of the body and its urn, to the ephemeral and the corporeal–with suspended ribs of the skeleton boat and the heft of the hand-carved wooden oar. Relationships between and amongst object, place, and landscape come together in a pendulous state of longing and release.

Each iteration grows with additions of new pieces and video installation, each time taking on a presence of its own. More installation images coming soon from Desai|Matta Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Kipp Gallery, IUP, Indiana, PA, Mendocino College Art Gallery, Mendocino College, Ukiah, CA, Conley Art Gallery, CSU, Fresno, CA and Northlight Gallery, ASU, Phoenix, AZ. Next stop: Houston, TX

Throughout time communities and cultures have sent many of their young ones off to sea to find a better life on the other shore; at the other end of a lifetime, the ocean is home to our many rituals of death, both vehicle and destination for the final journey of our loved ones. With this body of work we travel to Jones’ unnamed coast—where the river meets the sea—to ritually set free the spirit and body of her father, who passed away just days before she arrived in San Francisco as a Visiting Artist and Curator-in-Residence.
 Deirdre Visser, Curator of The Arts at CIIS

See  Hatsubon layered three-channel video installation with three significant sites of water.

Kipp Gallery, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
A photographic installation layered with a three-channel video installation with significant sites of water,  reflecting pools, and sculptural objects.  See full installation  Hatsubon

Rattlesnake Lake | 2014
A lone figure moves through a place of layered, untold histories. I collected lake water to clear the film, as an invitation of the lake to merge physically into the image. Rattlesnake Lake explores a watershed through the view camera, and is presented as platinotypes–a nineteenth century recipe of platinum and palladium handcoated on paper and exposed to ultraviolet light.

Watch related video, Drowning, Drawing.

A Place to Rest | 2008-present  (a small selection)
Embarking on a post-graduation mobile lifestyle of residencies, academic migration, and nomadic movement associated with a creative life, I began to photograph every bed I slept in with my Rolleiflex, as a way to slow down and consider where I was. The everyday is a well-explored genre in the photographic field; it is still irresistible. Over 200 beds and still going...

These Grand Places | 2012
In my working method with a 4x5 camera, time slows and moments of contemplation are possible. I often photograph at dusk, when color bleeds from the sky and the sublime reveals itself. As the light of day dims, time and movement become an integral part of the photographic process. These Grand Places are collected from many different places in parts of the American landscape, and abroad while at two different residencies in France.

Listen to a podcast about These Grand Places by Todd Wemmer, En Foco Artists' Interview Series.

Passage | 1989-2011
These 89  images span two decades from my grandmother’s home in Kohala, on the island of Hawai’i, gathered together as artifact and arranged in an intimate taxonomy based on my relationship to objects, rooms, evidence of time passed, the living and the dead, ritual food, and ultimately, correspondence across generations. Passage looks at how, through migration across continents and seas, things are lost along the way. It considers how we interpret the history we come from, despite lack of cultural knowledge, language and frame of mind.

Des Choses du Carmel | 2008
Artist book. Made in residence at Musée Niépce, France.

Petites Choses | 2008
My small room at the former convent, Le Carmel. Made in residence at Musée Niépce, France.

What Could it Mean to Say Yes? | 2006

The Bunny Chronicles | 2001

Paysages | 2009
A meditation on walks in the Calanques (the coastal mountains), with the horizon as a guiding light with my Rolleiflex. Other observations are from my room and underfoot. Made in residence at The Camargo Foundation, Cassis, France.