The Long Night's Moon: a winter update

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This past year and a half in San Francisco has offered so much. As a Visiting Artist, I immersed myself in a profound and intense cycle of making work from a deep place, completing my residency project HatsubonHatsubon is a memorial exhibition exploring the dynamic tension between tradition and performance through photographs and video, and include portraits of my father in the diaphanous space between life and death.

 In an extended position as Curator-in-Residence at The Arts at CIIS, I worked with many local and national artists in designing the yearlong exhibition series Cumulus, connected with the supportive and vibrant art communities in the Bay Area, and taught in the interdisciplinary MFA Programs at California Institute of Integral Studies. 

As the year comes to a close and the dark days of winter approach, I am moving to a mountain home nestled amongst trees not far from the sea. I'll be spending the first half of the new year in a contemplative and creative practice. During this artist residency, I am looking forward to experimentation, refining techniques and inviting new materials into the studio.

As always, I'm open to opportunities for exhibition, commission, and collaboration. Current news and images will be posted on social media. Please stay in touch and feel free to contact me anytime, I love to hear from you.

Wishing you a beautiful new year,

Tomiko Jones | Hatsubon shows at Desai Matta Gallery


Wednesday, October 19, 2016, 5-8pm

September 10 - October 27, 2016

We travel to the unnamed coast in Tomiko Jones' landscape-where the river meets the sea-to ritually set free the spirit and body of her father.

Throughout time communities and cultures have sent many of their young ones off to sea to find a better life on the other shore; at the other end of a lifetime, the ocean is home to our many rituals of death, both vehicle and destination for the final journey of those we love. With this body of work we travel to the unnamed coast in Tomiko Jones' landscape-where the river meets the sea-to ritually set free the spirit and body of her father, who passed away just days before she arrived in San Francisco to take on a role as Visiting Artist/ Curator-in-Residence with The Arts at CIIS.

Jones came to CIIS with the invitation to curate a sequence of exhibitions dovetailing with her own creative interests; at the same time she was invited as Visiting Artist to make new work. The exhibition sequence, collectively entitled Cumulus, explored environmental concerns through the lens of water. With exhibits taking on the twin crises of too much and too little water in the age of climate change, and water as site of cultural practice and economic imperative, Jones comes full circle to explore water as the locus of spiritual belief.

Deirdre Visser, Curator, The Arts at CIIS

CIIS Main Building
Desai | Matta Gallery
1453 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103